Friday, August 8, 2014

The Shelter : A Place to Relax And Enjoy !

By Wesley Regenbogen

The Shelter is a newbie-friendly place where avatars can meet and chat with each other in a nice atmosphere. People can just relax, listen to music, dance or just head out to the pool and relax there. Or, if you like water, you can take a dive into the pool itself. 
The place was created by Travis Lambert and Lars Bismark and was founded on August 20, 2004. So, within a few weeks they will celebrate their 10th birthday in Second Life. The current coordinators of The Shelter are FireEyes Fauna and Shadow Pidgeon. They have 22 volunteers and 11 DJs giving their time to add to the enjoyment of our patrons. Their events are listed on the Second Life official website, but they also have a forum ( and an in-world group to announce their events.
Newbies will feel welcome at The Shelter as there are a staff of volunteers that are answering questions and offer advice, also to older avatars. Members of the group can also set The Shelter as their home. The Shelter offers a calm, friendly place to socialize and dance, and also relax. The Shelter offers a shelter from the chaos of Second Life. They have pool parties on the weekends. There's dancing on the deck or take a relaxing dip in the pool.
Their soon to be 10th birthday is quite an achievement in Second Life terms speaking, and they are proud of it.
They have a large group of supporters and shops and ad rentals that keep them going. Without the support of these supporters The Shelter wouldn’t have existed. They can always use more help, to help them exist another 10 years.
The creator of The Shelter, Travis Lambert once posted on the forum : "When I was a newbie, SL was a very different place than it is today. The entire grid was limited to 100 mainland sims, and there were no private islands. Events were so few, that Lindens actually announced them grid-wide with blue popup messages. There were still plenty of things to explore, but if you wanted a more social experience, your options were pretty much limited to chaotic welcome-areas with little policing, or a few Sex/Orgy clubs that were so raunchy it'd make a porn star blush. After a few months of frustration, Lars Bismark & I decided to try our hand at our own place with our own vision, and opened the Shelter. The idea for the name came from an alternative club in Detroit, where Lars and I were both from, and it seemed to fit perfectly for what we were trying to create: A Shelter from the chaos of SL."
So, if you are looking for a place to relax, then The Shelter is the perfect place to be.
Maybe we can one day meet eachother there and have fun.
The Shelter can be found at this location in Second Life :   

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Wesley Regenbogen

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