Monday, August 11, 2014

Creations For a Cause

By Gemma Cleanslate

What a delightful time I had visiting the region, Creations Park. Originally I went over to view the Dreamscapes exhibit featuring some exquisite art by five SL artists in the elegant Gallery . The pieces were all lovely and represent the artist’s images of what is Dreamscape to them. Be sure to view them during August and September. There will be a new theme for the following months. When I said I was going to Creations, someone said to me that the region was lovely and to explore it. I set out from the Gallery on foot and picked up a notecard telling me about the purpose of the sim and landmarks not to miss. 
The mission of the sim in SL is to support the Team Fox founded by actor Michael J. Fox, whose mission is raising funds for research into Parkinson disease. The founder and owner of the sim, Barbie Alchemi, relates her feelings, “After 2 years in Second Life, my brother and I felt a desire to give meaning and purpose to the hours we spent in-world. Our Dad died with Parkinson's and our Mother has it now. To quote her "I may have Parkinson's, but it does not have me." At 85 years young, she has entered Second Life and is thrilled to see herself running and dancing again.  This sim was created for everyone to enjoy. Those of us in Second Life can have fun while knowing we are making a difference in the real world. Those who are affected by Parkinson's can learn about SL, a world where they can be free of physical limitations.“
I picked up a demo horse and took a ride along the paths and over the brick bridges that connect the areas. There is a marvelous beach with a water slide, relaxing beach chairs, cozy cabanas and cuddles. Under the waters you will find a gorgeous underworld mermaid paradise. I happened upon a party of mermaids dancing while I was there. Around the dance area the underwater decor is lovely, including an Atlantis setting . 
Back on dry land, I wandered along to the village of shops where I ended up purchasing some fall outfits . All or half of the money you pay for the items goes to Team Fox. It is nice to buy something and know that part of the money goes to a good cause. There are two lovely shopping areas there with some well known fashionistas  involved. While I was there a summer hunt was going on so I picked up some nice gifts. 
I visited the towering Castle filled with interesting secret rooms.One teleport took me to a snowy winter wonderland with midsummer ice skating, skiing, balloon ride and more available and it was a frosty treat! Some dazzling Christmas trees were displayed in gingerbread  houses around the skating area. There are activities going on during the week at various places around the sim so you are invited to join the group to be informed, or join the subscribo for information.  
A teleport board  is placed all around the areas giving the option of getting to the numerous venues easily . There are more places to visit than I talked about and you will find them there for your pleasure to explore. I will definitely be back for more!  This entrance will put you near the tp board , or near a demo horse to rezz to start your travels. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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