Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Jungle

By Gemma Cleanslate

Do you  enjoy looking film or videos or pictures displaying  the lushness of a tropical jungle?Make sure you visit The Jungle region. When you arrive, you are invited to teleport to the many sites recommended to visit.  The owners of the Jungle, Perry Krell and Leigh Elton Krell opened this region in May and already have had almost 15,000 visitors. It is now on the Destination Guide. 

Actually, Perry told me he built the teleport because he was getting lost all the time. Or, you can take the walking entrance which is the Lion’s Mouth and wander off on the stone paths I spotted a pride of lions as I set off. Immediately you meet a whole elephant herd lazing in the sun, enjoying the pools of water to drink or bathing . The experience of being surrounded by vibrant flowers that glow, the massive trees, and the thick vines that hang from the trees, and buzzing insects will give you the feeling of being in the real jungle. I felt dwarfed by the foliage, some of which appeared  ready to eat me, but their  loveliness made me pause to look. Sweet bird songs, along with roars and howls of the animals surround you as you meander through the trees.   

I climbed one of the vines and rode a zip line to the ground. I took a boat ride down the river and viewed wild animals  along the edge of the land feeding or taking a drink of water. There is a cannibal village where the ferocious cannibals look like they are ready to go hunting for food....wild animals I hope. Waterfalls abound in the jungle and along the river. I spied 7seas fishing along the river and think there will be contests there soon. 

And who did I run into in this jungle? Breezes Babii, my dear friend And you recall her stories here in the paper too. She is a guide and a lion in the jungle!  

I visited the Art Gallery that has some relaxation areas to dance or just relax and cuddle. This is a sim to visit alone or with friends and every time I go there are people moving among the animals of just relaxing in one of the sites planned just for that. I asked Leigh what gave them the idea and she said,”We love the jungle and wanted a place of peace for avatars to be able to come to for relaxation.  The beauty of this jungle is among the best in Second life. The reality of the animals and the things than take place all over the jungle is amazing.  If you are in a hurry you will miss the point of the visit to The Jungle ; it takes time to explore and to enjoy!”

One thing I came across was a plane that had crashed where hyenas were rummaging in the area and Leigh told me that starting in the fall there will be a game connected with that called Plane Crash Survivors. That should be interesting. 

There are activities and entertainment going on at the social venues that you might enjoy so join the group for notices. Kudos to the builders !

 Gemma Cleanslate

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