Friday, November 7, 2014

Cuppers and Co.

Cuppers and Co. came about in 2008 as a simple platform for Siggy String, and Tijntjow Twine to invite their friends to hang out on.  That platform has grown now into a full sim with many places to do more than hang out.  Working for Bletaverse cone camping system brought them to add cones to their earlier lands and friends as well.  New they have regular yearly parties, more beautiful hang outs than you can shake a virtual stick at and much more. 

A castle with fire breathing dragons you can ride and battle each other with.  Mystical ruins, the Seaview Carnival Park, fishing with prizes.  And a Krusty Krab hidden away where you would expect, underwater wait the curious traveler.  Teleporters can take you to the avatar sized Pac Man game to play, or the race track for some fun times with friends, or on your own. The bar has games to play, a water slide brings you down to the fishing docks.  Shops include S&T gestures for all your gesture needs and some freebies, and Times 12 with the finest in women’s clothing.

This is a wonderful background for your photography needs. There are many sitting and cuddle places, great for groups or couples.  Beauty abounds anywhere you go on this tropical sim.  An oriental park behind the Times 12 Shopaholic store is a very inviting environment to spend time in.  HarryH Crumb, Siggy, and Tijntjow welcome you come to this very special place.  Explore, play, shop, fish and get away for a while in the land of Cuppers and Co.  It is rumored, there is an island there with a crazy Meerkat living upon it too. 

Midnight Cove (157/158/22)

Fritter Enzyme


  1. There is no where Id rather be then's the best place in Second Life!!!!!

  2. Thanks for this bit of attention Frit and SL Newser team. We are happy to offer a home to quite a few, even those who do not "officially" live with us. To us it's not just a home but a place where we always meet friends and family and we know they feel the same :) Regards, Sig n TJ