Thursday, September 29, 2016

Echo Valley

“Surrender To Echo Valley's Halloween Reverb”

by MajikVixen

If you're looking for a great place to explore this Halloween, I say you tread lightly at Echo Valley!  This beguiling, bloodlines friendly (don't worry, no biting or harassing allowed), adult sim is dedicated to those creepy thrills, offering a perfect kick-off to this Fall season.  Follow the foggy dragon's breath over the bridges of skulls and pumpkins looking for Treasure Quest coins, Haunted Hunt clues, or Skeleton Hunt items.  Find a few surprises along the way, like tales of dead men who still message you from beyond the grave, secret teleports, random prizes, and who knows what other terror awaits you... my avatar got shredded to bloody bits several times and even disappeared, mwahahaa!  In development is a maze (by the first weekend of October), and specially designed Treasure Quest mega coins.

It was Jack the proud ripper ℓ'є ℓµиє  (movsponge12) who approached me to do the article on this sim, to begin with.  He said, "My wife Mysty Le' Lune (mystyangel), who is an awesome wonderful spitball of fire, had acquired this sim on Tuesday, May 31st.  We shared it together with my Second Life Mom, Sweet Surrender (dontbefooled), who is a sweet and loving woman, who will always go out of her way to have a good time, and give the love and care people deserve.  TychusRainer is my Second Life Dad, he is pretty cool as well.  He has a passion for gaming, music, my Mom, hehe, and working.  My wife Mysty, as I have said, is a truly amazing wonderful person who wouldn't hesitate to give her shirt off her back if meant to help someone in need.  She works very hard to earn her keep, bring joy into peoples' lives and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.  This is one of the reasons why Mysty, Sweet and I had created our sim Echo Valley Halloween! into the spectacle that it is.  We wanted people to have a place where they can come and go as they please, enjoy themselves however they wish, and always have something fun and exciting to do. 

"However, some of this work would not have been possible if it were also not for a few good friends of ours, Frenchie Fry and NaTaS (natas.janus).  With their natural talents, and eye for placement, we would not have some the of the features in our sim that we have right now.  Frenchie helped us find on marketplace, a skull tree that illuminates lights from the skulls eyes with energy floating around the tree.  Natas had helped us with making a boat ride tour that you can take and enjoy looking at the whole sim.  He also helped out with terraforming bits and pieces of the land along with Mysty and putting out some of the fog effects and such in order to help the landscape have the right atmosphere.  After the Halloween season has finished, we plan in the future to do other holiday seasons such as Christmas, Valentines' Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and a whole bunch of others.  We are so excited so we hope to bring everyone enjoyment whenever they come to visit and everywhere we go.

"Also Mysty is not only a creative landscaper, but she's also has her own shop on marketplace called Two Blue Moons.  In there she has some of her collectible items, as well clothes, knickknacks, and other cool stuff, if anyone would like to take a look from the classic avi to the mesh anime.

"However, we cannot forget the thanks and support from the visitors who have come and appreciated the sim, as it has been, and that includes our friends over at Silent Lucidity, including Kymdra (kymdriel) and Johnny T (surveysays), who have been good to us, and have always been there for us ever since they been part of our lives.

"Another thanks goes out to Frenchie Fry, Jenni Witherspoon, and ƇɑssĨê Ŀɑηgтяy (cassieopeya), for helping us get involved with Treasure Quest and becoming good friends that we always have a great experience with.

"So for everyone that I have not mentioned yet, Mysty and I are very grateful for your support, and hope you all have the best Second Life experience! ^^"

All in all, it seems the SL family who have brought us Echo Valley, enjoy people very much.  I was even invited to watch them put together the first pieces of the maze.  So here's to the amazing people and experiences that await you.  Here's to the maniacal laughter that fills your head when thinking of Halloween and the adventures expecting you, at Echo Valley.  And here's to following your heart to bliss.  *lifts a mug of pumpkin spiced rum and cheers*

Additional Information:
Group: Echo Valley Retreat (Group Key: 311c24a9-5282-26bf-63ea-d0c9e193467e)
Preferred contact: Jack the proud ripper ℓ'є ℓµиє  (movsponge12) or Mysty Le' Lune (mystyangel)


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