Monday, September 5, 2016

Faerie Crossing's Terra Firma Up For Sale

By MajikVixen (bluevioletvixen.lorefield)

“Harness Your Creative Majik With Terra Firma”

Named after Delerium's entrancing song, this parcel went up for sale/lease this week, in the moderate Wildefleur sim of the Faerie Crossing community.  Faerie Crossing is a community of 10 fantasy sims, and is listed in the Destination Guide under Newcomer Friendly places.  Traditionally, Wildefleur is a homestead sim that caters to giving one the feel that they are an actual tiny fairy in a big, wonderful, magical place (adorned with oversized flower pots, watering cans, and beehives that decorate gardens).

Those interested in Terra Firma, should contact MajikVixen (BlueVioletVixen Lorefield) to purchase or lease.  The sale terms are L$41,300 for initial purchase, and then L$8,400 per month (tier payable from date of purchase) for 900 prims.  The lease terms are for no initial purchase price, and L$9,750 per month tier, for 850 prims.  Example housing has been provided, currently it is an oversized nightstand house.  The top drawer acts as a balcony overlooking the lake, and the moving bottom drawer acts as an entry door.  The main component is phantom, so there are a few secret compartments, complete with staircase and functional furniture.  A private skybox can be built above 512 meters, with all the conveniences one would like.

One must adhere to the Guidelines and Covenant while living in Faerie Crossing.  It basically boils down to three rules (the 3 "Ps"): 1) Private homes at ground level can only be entered if the door is open (there is no exploring above 512 meters, those are for private skyboxes), 2) Prim litter should be looked after properly (be considerate of our atmosphere we try to preserve), & 3) PG rating (although we're rated moderate, we want our lands friendly for those child avis too).  If you can respect those rules, no matter who you are (human, fae, or creature), you are welcome in Faerie Crossing! 

Faerie Crossing is also a great community of events and helpers.  Almost daily events (please see the first link in the Additional Information section of this article) include dances, building classes, scripting advice, quizzes with prizes, and story sharing.  Special events include lectures, guided meditations, and the Magic Messenger (the Faerie Crossing newsletter).  The helpers range from Brownies (who help clean up prim litter), Merry Meeters (actively involved members who help join people to the main Faery Crossing group), Gateway Guides (who help newborns become more accustom to Second Life), to Protectors (who help handle griefers and any potential drama).  Faerie Crossing is run by Queen Gypsy (currently on hiatus) and members of the High Faerie Court (who meet once a month to discuss future events and other such occurrences). 

We do take pride in our community and homes, and decorate accordingly to the seasons and fantasy theme of each sim.  Be you ready to answer this call for talent and share your imagination with everyone?  Then come visit this place, let your inner child play, and take root in this community of dreams!

Additional Information:
Faerie Crossing Events Calendar:
An Old History of Faerie Crossing:
Gateway to the Faery Crossing (Group Key: 4a20e96d-6571-f974-a8fc-0024d14be066)
The Faery Crossing (Group Key: 06881a03-e85e-d9be-f63a-be9015119c94) (join the first group, and then joining this group is by request/invitation only)
Preferred contact: MajikVixen (bluevioletvixen.lorefield) Faerie Crossing Steward and Gateway Guide


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