Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rock N Rustic Ranch

by Theonlyjohnny Resident

    The ranch is a great place to hang out, because there's great music, a polite and respectful staff, and a great design to the sim.

    This is a place for those of you that love hospitality as much as you love country music (assuming you absolutely love country music). My first time there, I had just teleported in, when everyone greeted me, as if I was already their best friend. Even though I was a furry, which they didn't mind even in the slightest, I felt at home.

    However, after being there, many times, I have begun to notice something that I don't see in other clubs, something that I can honestly say, sets this club apart from other clubs. No one comes here for lindens. The staff don't come to earn lindens either. No, people visit this club to make friends, have fun, and to listen to great music.

    The staff are some of the best that you will ever hope to find. They not only wish to have fun. They wish to bring joy to others. They make it possible for others to have a fun experience as well. The staff also play their part in the genre, perfectly. The DJ's all play country music. The hosts use only country style gestures. Honestly, you come here, and you will feel as though you were on a real ranch.

    Of course, this club isn't for everyone. Those of you who only visit clubs to get lindens, will not find this club very nice, due to the fact that there are no "sploders," no money givers, no coins, no cones, no lucky eggs, and of course no contest boards. The absent of these truly make this club better than most, since you know people are only there to have fun.

    The open design of this club really make it a welcoming place. The lack of walls really say, "We welcome all." Which is true, seeing as this club welcomes furries, and not many clubs will allow furries. So I applaud this club's kindness in allowing us furries.

I would say this club is a great place to be,

Originality: 3 of 5
Design and Look: 5 of 5
Music: 5 of 5
Staff: 5 of 5
Owner involvement: 4 of 5

In total 22 of 25

Theonlyjohnny Resident


  1. Absolutely no drama I love that club Chloe the owner ROCKS She is one of a kind and loves all her vips friends and family and The staff is absolutely kind no disrespect what so ever My opinion this is a club you'll want to join everytime I have gone I have felt welcomed and done nothing but laugh the whole time I am there

  2. Thank you Johnny,

    Our little Ranch is a joint effort, I do love it, and the VIP's are the ones who make it the wonderful it is.

    Thank you for the kind words "Anonymous" :)

    I do have to admit we do have th4e best staff ever. I have been blessed.