Thursday, April 18, 2013

Calas Galadhon Park Sims

By Gemma Cleanslate

Some of you will recall my visit to Calas regions during the winter. Most of the eleven sims were covered with snow, and I had delightful time skating and skiing and visiting the Christmas Pavilion. I thought I should go back now that it is spring and see what is going on. 
Flowering trees and plants now adorn the regions. The fields are filled with grasses and the animals are out roaming the pastures. It is a wonderful place to go horseback riding, so I did. I visited several sim that way, looking at the rocky hills and cliffs and spectacular vistas. In  Eryn Vom you can look out over the marshes and cross over the bridges to the tiny islands. Whereever you go, you pass quaint areas for relaxing alone or with friends. Dance balls dot some of the areas for your pleasure. In Mirrormere I found a canoe and paddles and took a ride down the rivers, perhaps some of those on which I skated in the winter. 
In the Bay of Belegar, visit the pirate ship and climb down below for a scuba diving. I met Chatty Kathy down there, using the gear and exploring and having a wonderful time. “This is entirely too much fun ... darned thing even has bubbles ... it's always an amazing place, but oh em gee, at Christmas and Halloween, there's no place like it on the grid." I left her to go see the Pirate ship which she recommended highly. 
I visited the Cafe Armenelos high up on a hill, where I found some loungers admiring the view. From there I could see what looked like an entire Hotel high on a hill. I went up and it was a lovely set of buildings reminding one of a quaint village perched  at the peak of the mountain. 
There are no rentals or living places on any of the sims. There are no commercial enterprises. All buildings are open for visiting, but not for staying. I spied the one of the owners, Tenk sitting on a bench on a hillside pondering. I did not want to bother him, so I took a quote from the welcome notecard, “Come immerse yourself in the early American coastal countryside of the early 20th Century. We strive to bring the beauty & peace of our natural areas into Second Life for all to enjoy as a refuge. There are now 11 sims to the Park.  Each sim has a unique feel, yet are tied together with verdant fields & farms, high mountain meadows and winding streams through its woodlands & valleys which eventually lead to the natural beauty of the coast. There is also the island of Armenelos where the 'Santorini' build by Bora Rossini, can now be found.” 
There is so much to see. I will leave it to you to discover all there is to find in the regions. When you arrive at the entrance, you will be able to pick up a notecard with the rules and the landmarks of places you may want to visit. There is also a teleport board to all the regions. This is definitely a landmark you will want to save. The regions call for revisiting often, alone or with friends. You can follow the activites by joining the group , or by visiting the calendar at the website. You also see a copy of the calendar at the entrance.  
Gemma Cleanslate 

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  1. Beautiful place...also check out Second Norway which I find equal to in terms of detail and beauty.