Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Queen of the Sagitarian Sea Revisited

By Gemma Cleanslate

I noticed when DrFran wrote about the first place she visited in SL, I had memories of mine. Revisiting is not always the same. Somehow the place survives but, the heart is gone. One of my first favorites was Svarga Svarga. I go look once in a while just for memories. The story however, did send me to reminiscing about old places where I still go and love. 

One I have written about for years that still holds the same fun for me is the three sim ship, the Galaxy. I wrote about it back in my early days at the SL Newspaper. I covered the 3rd anniversary in 2010 and also covered it when the ship was moved to a new sea location . That was exciting to watch!

I thought I would take a walk through the ship to show you the varied activities you will find if you visit. It is also a good place to take a vacation since there are so many things to do on board when you want to get away from your regular life here. I have two friends who have made the Galaxy home for periods of time, renting one of cabins or suites available. There are eight decks to explore so plan ahead or move in. “The SS Galaxy is 3 sims 650 meters long and 32,000+ prims.  Only two mega prims were used in her construction, and they are the smoke stacks.  It is the longest single build in SL.” it says in the website. 
You can take a rafting ride along the side of the ship that will tell you all the sites on the ship you might  like to visit. I had never taken that before so it was fun. I also found a new rock climbing wall that looked like something new to try. I learned how to play miniature golf on the sports deck years ago and still go back to try and improve, and clubs and balls are provided for rental. Of course the Galaxy hosts fishing contests with some nice prizes. Jump on the skydiving pod and shoot up into to the air, but make sure you wear a terrashoot!   
I looked in on the various restaurants and stopped at the gorgeous wedding chapel. It looks like a wonderful place to have a wedding, and they have a great catering service for the reception in one of their fine restaurants. Djs provide music for dancing every day, or you can dance at any time you want to the music of the radio. The shopping area has some really elegant clothing for you. I made my way up to the bridge, but everyone was at lunch so I sat down at the controls and studied the route and looked out over the calm Sagitarian Sea. There are maps all over so you will have an idea where you are. There is also a map hud available for you to wear that helps navigate the massive ship.  
One thing I love is the "Ports of Call" teleport board where you can choose to visit the various sims the ship passes.  For some activities you must be a traveler  which seems logical for the paying customers to enjoy more for the price, but you can find so much to do if  just visiting. Know there is a great spa for exercise but I could only peek in since I was just a visitor. Check out the wonderful swimming pool.You can use that anytime Jump in or lounge on the deck. This gives you an overview of the Galaxy. There is so much to explore.  
To find out more about the history and events visit the website where you can check out the pricing and rooms available, daily events, and answers to  so many questions . http://www.ssgalaxy.net/. Have a wonderful time ! Say hi if you see me along the jogging path,  my sl exercise lol!  Here is the boarding gangway:
Gemma Cleanslate

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