Friday, April 26, 2013

Hazardous: An Infinite Dream Re-Created

By Gemma Cleanslate

When I arrived at Hazardous, the landing area it should have been a clue to a different experience. As I dropped to the ground by I read some interesting warning signs: “no biting,” “beware of noobs,"no talking bellies,” and more you will see when you go there. One of my favorites was “children avis left unattended will be sold to the circus." One was a street sign with the the names: here, there, somewhere, lost, nowhere, confused.

I felt this was an eerily beautiful  place where something must have  happened. There are small buildings, barns, old cars and trucks,  all abandoned. Solitary buildings dot the fields of grass and shrubs. Crows flew everywhere... flocks circling ... single sitting calling ... where ever you go they are there. I love crows because they are so so smart, so I did not mind seeing them at all. 

The best thing to do at Hazardous is just start walking. As you move along you will encounter people. some alone just sitting, some couples enjoying the nooks where you can dance or just relaxing and enjoying the region. I walked along the perimeter to see a fallen lighthouse, boats drifting empty. I took the stairs down to the water where I found framed paintings of Hazardous strewn along the water near the shore, some of the same that  I saw in the viewer near the entrance. I climbed back up to continue my walk and came across a pond with a dock. 
Bewick Grayman, another explorer, asked  me if I had looked down the well. Curious, I approached the well, the cover of which was askew and clicked and down I went like a rabbit in a hole. Below there was a room with more pictures of Hazardous on the wall. I learned I should click on many things as I roamed. As I crossed the bridge over a deep ravine, I spotted a white building at the end. So I made my way down to check it out. On the walkway to it, I found more relaxing hangouts. 
As I explored, the thought kept entering my mind, did something happen that left this desolate empty place? It is like a huge museum of the past, or a memorial to something. I see why people are roaming around or just sitting quietly, perhaps pondering what was behind it all. I finally sent a note to the creator Mandingo quan (Dingo), asking why.  He answered, “It's based on a childhood memory... A place I visited with my family.... on a day trip or vacation... somewhere in my homeland of Australia... and its my first vivid memory of a location... I just wanted to recreate it...I just wish I could remember where so I could visit it again.” 
So actually it is a memorial, to a memory.  And his advice taken from his profile, “"Dream infinitely..... remain Hazardous adventures." He attributes much of the "polish “ of the design of the region to Wendy Zeno, who worked with him. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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