Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Calas Reopening

By Gemma Cleanslate

Calas Galadhon  sims have been closed for a month while the owners regrouped and rebuilt in some  sims. Truck Meredith, one of the owners, wrote this, “It is with great joy that we have reopened Calas Galadhon for your pleasure.  Please come by and see the sims in fall foliage. There are 11 sims in the park with major reworking of Dimril Dale and Grey Havens. There is a whale on Grey Havens that you and three friends can ride.  There are two dolphins on Belagaer that you can ride, and riding turtles.  New cabin on Dimril, have to walk through the woods to get to it.  Also a new riverboat on Gulf of Lune.  Also new art exhibitions on Main Street.”
Truck and Tymus Tenk are the owners of these regions. There are no rentals or sales of anything in these sims. I had to go over to see what was new or different. The sims are going into autumn, with the trees slowly changing color, but there are still many delightful shrubs and trees in full bloom so there is a mass of color everywhere. I rode my horse over the roads and trails just to enjoy all the views. Everywhere I went I found avatars just hanging out gazing at the views over meadows, hills, and waters. 
While you roam the sims you come to spots made for just sitting and relaxing, with lovely immersive  music. There are dance balls and cuddle poses in spots where friends and lovers can relax. But, don’t stay away because you have no one to go with. They are just here for everyone’s enjoyment. Nature brought into Second Life just for the inhabitants. There are rules and a TP list for you to help guide you along the way. Pick them up at the entrance. There are donations kiosks about the region  and I hope you will be able to contribute to keep all the sims in place. 
I am eagerly waiting for the winter sims. I know they will be gorgeous!!   Planning skating and skiing already in my mind!         
Calas Galadhon, (135/233/22)

Gemma Cleanslate

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