Monday, December 23, 2013

More Skating and Winter Fun: Areo Pines Park and Holiday Village

 By Gemma Cleanslate

On to another favorite venue for more winter fun than you have time for. Aero Pines has the winter festival taking place all month.  These sims are always seasonally decorated and hosting superb events for that season. I recommend you begin your visit at the Holiday store where you find some superb outfits for skating both male and female, and lots of free ones too. Right outside is the massive skating pond, always in use. The media viewer is showing the holiday favorite, The Nutcracker on a huge screen overlooking the skating pond. You have your choice of skate balls for solo and couples. Or you can join the ballet dancing in front of the screen.

Nearby there is a sleigh rezzer that will take you on a tour of the sims. Keep an eye out for some loose reindeer that seem to have once been attached to a sleigh but are now roaming the roads. If you have a horse take a ride. If not you can rezz one at the stables. Try the winter balloon ride or then many other special activities listed on the notecard in the posters. Save lots of time!

Next favorite ... seems I have lots of favorites! But there are some wonderful winter sims. This is another place I visit all year long. Christmas at Winter Holiday Village. I was lucky that this year I made it to a skating party on the ice where Mr. and Mrs. Claus were not only present but dancing to the music of the live DJ. This skating place is such a pleasure to use. It winds around, around penguin laden islands, under bridges, past polar bears,  through a cave tunnel  and back to the beginning

There is a carriage ride here also. You will be driven in a golden carriage through the woods and around trails . The festive shops are fun to roam through with wonderful bargains for your holiday decor and clothing too. Many visitors are always around enjoying everything that Maired Fitzgerald plans. There are a myriad of events every day until the end of December with singers and special  events. I was able to attend the Annual Yule Ball also with the fantastic Ceci Dover performing Christmas tunes with a backup of dancers . Be sure not to miss this fabulous sim.

Gemma Cleanslate

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