Friday, December 13, 2013

A Wintery Favorite: Calas Galadhon Park

By Gemma Cleanslate
I have to be honest. With all the wonderful regions I visit for the winter activities and the Christmas decor one of my very favorites is the CALAS GALADHON PARK SIMS. This is not a sim, it is a  group of 11 spectacular sims that is always a pleasure to visit. But, the winter season is exceptional in its offerings. 
When you land you will find a teleport board to any of the sims you want to visit, and another board containing the rules of the sim with all its landmarks in the notecard. It will be easy to begin your winter adventures at the nearby skating area. I have not found many other skating experiences that are better than here since you are able to take a tour of three winter sims skating along the frozen waterways. Try it solo or with a companion. There are skate balls for you, or just take off under your own steam.  The scenery is delightful, and so realistic. 
After that tour follow the sign for cross country to pick up a set of skiis and poles and take off on  a four sim cross country ski tour, solo or couple and get an eye full of wintry countryside, ice covered trees , bright berry bushes, cabins bright with fires glowing and so much more. The skis also work on their own so you can continue on your own.  All  around the sims are places to sit and chat. This is a great place to take a horse back ride too,  wonderful place to explore or just sit around. 
The owners,  Ty Tenk (tymus.tenk) and Truck (truck.meredith) maintain a peaceful environment all year round but especially in this season of the Christmas Holidays. It is  free of merchandise or dwellers so distractions are few. Here is the entrance to the parks where you can get all the information you need.
But, the best place in the parks, (though it is outside the parks this year) to celebrate the season is at the Christmas Pavilion. When you arrive enter the carriage that awaits that will take you on a ride all around this special sim. Arrive at the Pavilion itself. It is a massive castle filled with goodies for you. Toy soldiers guard the doors of the Christmas tree room overflowing with gift boxes. Look around in here for your gifts from Ty and Tenk.  On the other side is the room where you can enjoy coffee, cakes, tea and sweets. In the middle is a massive hall where you can dance and listen to the music of the season. Events planned for the Pavilion are on the calendar at the entrance of the parks. 
Ty sent a message saying ”We hope you are enjoying winter at Calas and the 'One Christmas Night' build (smile). We have several pose sets out for your Xmas cards.  At the Christmas sim .. the couples skating poses  on the skating area, Single pose w/menu on the mother deer with the two fawns outside S/E corner of Paviion.  A single pose on the mother bear with cubs."  
Here is the entrance to One Christmas Night for you.  Check scripts  and climb into the carriage for a magical experience. This year the returning tradition of the One Christmas Night is separate from the other sims , so hang onto the landmark. .
Gemma Cleanslate

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