Monday, December 9, 2013

More Winter Fun

By Gemma Cleanslate
Lake Tahoe is ready for your skating pleasure . I stopped in the charming lodge and enjoyed the warmth of the fire then wandered out to check out the skating ball that lets you perform like a pro! The pond is not that large but enjoyable. Of course there are free skates in the little shop near by, and snow boards for sale .  For serious skiers there are some nice outfits for sale here too. I could not resist the color changing scarf. The tram ride up the ski slope passes over a bear so be careful .  I found people frolicking in the snow when I hopped off the tram. You have your choices of a sled or a tube that take you on an automatic trip down the hill.  Grey Lupindo has visited this region and wrote about it . Wonderful region! There are places in the sim where it has not snowed yet so you can wander around or just hang out and enjoy the scenery. I discovered there are more than one skating areas close by in the Grand Canyon area. Here is the entrance to Lake Tahoe.
My friend  Ev Lovevicker (everest.piek) gave me a call to tell me the North Pole is open! What a treat. ѕуℓνιє ѕιđєωαуѕ (sylvie.sideways) and her helpers have created a wonderful sleigh ride through the frosty woods of the region, passing by dancing skating bears, candy treats and cupcakes . Throw on the blanket you will be offered to keep warm . The Polar Express train is ready to leave with the conductor holding open the door for traveling children.The village center is sweet and a lovely place to visit. The sleigh will drop you there.  There is Santa’s cheerful lodge set for your visit. Outside the Chapel the representation of Bethlehem reminds us of the Christmas season .Don’t  miss Santa’s workshop where the elves are working feverishly and Santa waits to hear your wishes. Next to the church  there is a lovely little ice pond for your skating pleasure.  There will be events and Sunday Concerts and you are invited to join the group for notices.
Rainbow Illusion is hosting Toys for Tots at their Winter Wonderland. Toys for Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. There will be a benefit on December 10, 2:00-10:00 pm. There is a lovely pavilion set up for skating or dancing on the ice .You will find free skates and skis on the ice . Santa is sitting in his sleigh waiting for you . And here is a twist. Next to the skating pond I spotted a wonderful swimming pool under glass. So, bring your bikini and swim trunks along!
Living Tree has a wonderful skating area set up on the river that runs through the sim from north to south.  There are jumping areas and cones set up to wend your way. I found a great tobaggon rezzer so you can slide over the winter terrain. Kids will be able to make their way easily. Better jump the bridges if you are tall. This sim is designed for kids! There is a school there and you can visit the Texture Library and the pick up texture tutorials. But, right now it is winter in Living Tree. So have fun. Warm you hands at the barrels when you are cold. Pick up a notecard or two when you land then head for the river .
You know I am a 7seas fisher so was happy to see there are several skating areas where you can fish and skate! Grey Nacht has a wonderful fishing hole , that you are warned not to fall into at Pala , .  When you land you must tp to the ice fishing . It may be empty of fishers or full depending on the time.   Tribute City has also put up a delightful fishing and skating pond . Another great place to visit! 
Gemma Cleanslate 

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