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Carolyn Avro's "Second Life's Top Haunted Places Tour and Hunt" Part One

It's been a busy October for the Newser crew, and we've had time to only check a handful of haunts. Fortunately someone else has. Carolyn Avro made up a list, "Second Life's Top Haunted Places Tour and Hunt." In her words, "This is a tour of many types of haunted places and it will be updated all month long with new ones, so take a new list from the sign often.  You will find many amazing types of haunted places and even places to shop for Halloween. You really don't want to miss it. There is so much to see!   Places that have start times other than October 1st will be noted in the individual listing. Each 'Haunt' has a hunt and/or 'freebies'."

It should be noted that Halloween haunts can vary in quality from places that could barely scare your kid nephew to hellish gorefests that will leave you having to bleach your chair. So be ready for a few disappointments, and maybe a sleepless night or two.

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Carolyn Avro 
"Favorite Things" Haunted House & Amusements
Haunted House, Cemetery, & Amusements with Skeleton Band and other ghoulish types! Many interactive things with lots of surprises, so make sure you click on everything to see what it does and move up close to things and walk around too!  Lots to see! Be sure to turn your radio on in the Amusement area so that you can hear the Skeleton Band play and dance along with the little goons!                                            
"Favorite Things", Quincentival (146, 164, 600)                                   
Tayren Theas
"Nightless Isle, Featuring the Town of Deathknell and the Cursed Caverns"
The haunted Victorian town of Deathknell holds untold horrors if you dare stroll through. Meet witches, demons, werewolves and skeletons as they go about their daily un-lives. If you are particularly brave, enter the Cursed Caverns, where some very unholy happenings occur. Make it through alive and you might reach the Fairy Valley, a haven for creatures of the light. While on your visit, you might enjoy shopping for some of the finest Halloween Costumes at Tayren's and Hig's. Free Halloween goodies are scattered about this beautiful, dark island.                                           
Tayren's Fantasy Fashions, Haunted Island, Halloween Costumes, Nightless Isle (135, 188, 22)

Moon Watanabe
"Labyrinth of Darkness Sim"
Labyrinth of Darkness has been foretold to have many sightings of witches and hauntings all over the land. From the haunted house to the witch mountains all the way to the haunted cove......and be careful not to get lost in the witches woods...........
The Crones Garden Main Store & Voodoo Moon Clan Swamps,

Labyrinth of Darkness (116, 72, 26) - Adult

GldsGurl Firecaster
"Village of thee Damned"
Village of thee Damned is a village that is been taken over by monsters. Come and shoot them.  This is a very interactive sim.  All the buildings have some kind of animations. Very interactive. We also have few rides on the sim to.
Island of Death (17/239/3090)

Nance Clowes
"11th Annual Haunted Mansion Ride +more"  FULL SIM
Oldest and Best Haunted Ride in SL, Year Round. There is a FULL SIM of hauntings to explore and possibly survive.     
LandOurs (210/30/604)

Tony Twigvald:
"The Haunted Tardis"
You'd help a dying fellow out, how about a dead one? A dead Time Lord actually. Things went badly for me and regeneration is always a toss of the dice. I came back a ghost, as did my Tardis, bless her cold soul. I'll try ANYTHING to find something that can kill a ghost so I can regenerate once more

Future Home of the Haunted Tardis, Charm (92, 98, 1801) - Adult

MissDemeanor Fallen
"Fallen's Haunting- Haunted House and Cemetery"
Haunted House,Cemetery and Dungeon is an interactive haunt perfect for you and your ghoul friends, little zombies and all bloggers or amateur photographers. Prepare to be frightened! You never know what lurks in the shadows. Turn your sounds on and high for best experience.  Grab a lantern at landing point to help light your way. There is a hidden dungeon, I'm sure you'll find it.  Most importantly have a haunting good time!" All are welcome =)  Live music and DJ's on weekends in October!
Chrysanthemum Island (75/15/2503)

Sweetsister Silverstar

IF YOU LOVE TO BE SCARED COME TO  Haunted!Haunted has 2 sims full of  spooks and scares ,we have an Apocalyptic city, where Zombies are king.There is a lot to do here if the Zombies let you!

HAUNTED, Mimari (10, 126, 22)

3D Republic - Anthonys Republic & Katelyn Barom
"Captains House - Haunted Mansion"
We are proud to invite you to a haunting on All Hollows Eve. Come to  3D Republic's and walk the hallways of "The Captain's House". An early  New England Sea Captain's house notorious for his tragic tale.
3D Republic - Full Perm Mesh, Sculpts & Textures, Builders Republic (77, 100, 22)

Stitches Bade
"Escapade's Haunted Farm and Hospital"

Haunted house, cemetary and hospital.  Alot of interactive items so be sure to click on things.  See if you can find the haunted circus!  Area is best viewed at midnight. Area is mature so please no child avi's.

Adored (142/192/31)

Grey Snow (anpe.rau)

"Deeproot Manor"

"Generations of evil left something behind between life and death that better should be left alone. The beings who dwell here try to find a way back to the world of the living..."

Deeproot Manor, Mormo (81, 111, 28)

Warren Cobain
"Downton Abbey"
Inspired by the hit BBC Drama lets find out what happened to the great manor house after the Crawley Family if forced out and Evil moves in

Highclere, Lovers Peak (12, 163, 3705) - Adult

Foxy Petunia

"Haunted Hallow Forest"

Come meet your maker in the swampy forest of Palenia. Grounds with lots of surprises to scare you out of your wits.   Happy Hauntings !!!!

Palenia -Seasons of Palenia- Haunted Forest, Palenia (126, 144, 23)

Eva Manson-Crowley and Yeti Manson-Crowley
"Manson-Crowley Hall at Foggy Hill Island"
A centuries old manor deep in the foreboding woods of Foggy Hill Island. Purported to be haunted, it is rumored to be inhabited by an Evil presence and cursed by the restless, wandering spirits of those who mysteriously and violently lost their lives there.
Manson~Crowley Hall: Foggy Hill Island, mimmi land (149, 124, 35) - Adult

Nikki Kesten

"Vengari Halloween Town"

Welcome to Halloween Town! We have Haunted Houses, Rides, Horror Movies, and much more! Scary, Rides, Fun, Haunted, Games, Movies!

Halloween Town, Oceanic Trench (60, 198, 2501) - Adult

Farthington Whetmore
"Whetmore Demonic Castle"

"Demonic & Satanic Horrors await you at The Whetmore Castle Halloween Haunt. Enter at your own discretion! Please Use Region Settings. Avatars must be at least 90 days old to enter sim. NO FLY ZONE"

The Whetmore Castle, Wild Shores (147, 70, 21)

Caete Chevalier
"Heiligenstadt's Carnival"
Spook House ride, echoing the dark rides of the 50s/60s. Recently added a shaker ride and an octopus whirl. Places to sit, rocket rides, traditional horse carousel and feline themed ride ons. At the landing point there is a tp pad that will take you down to the family cemetary that has existed in one form or another since 2007.

Carnival Skybox, Foyle Gully (30, 102, 608)

Niesa Kesslinger
"Slaughter Creek, Monte Cristo Homestead Australia"
The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? Christopher William Crawley & His young bride Elizabeth, arrived in Junee in 1876, 137 years later, they are still here...  A homestead packed full of fright, Haunted House, Haunted Swamp, Haunted Kids playground, Clown den, Dragons lair
.::SLAUGHTER CREEK::., Lyme (129, 128, 21)

That Mayor (Stone.Lunasea)
"That Place Amusement Park"
Raved as one of the #1 Amusement Park on the grid, That Place is not to be missed! Roller Coasters galore, lots and lots to explore. Linden Sea and River access, 5 SIM wide mountain range for Offroad use. Use our toys or rez your own! That Place is THE place to be on the grid. Weekly Halloween Show and Costume Contest every Saturday until Halloween from 5pm - 8pm SLT!
Seatalan (135/114/37)

"Halloween Storm"
Halloween Storm is an eerie place where you don't know what's around the next corner... with an Asylum & its crazy occupants who  maybe will get you to stay awhile as a guest.. ( laughs ). Drop in the Haunted Mansion & find the secret rooms by clicking on certain items to gain access to more scary places. Visit a long lost relative in The Storm Graveyard  & pay your respects..maybe lay down for There's even a Haunted House you might wish to creep through. Lots of interactive things to click & use.. 15 Prize boxes to be found... Happy Halloween !
Halloween Storm 2016, Sadistic Intent (70, 193, 3001)

To be continued

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