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Carolyn Avro's "Second Life's Top Haunted Places Tour and Hunt" Part Two

With so many haunts out there, there's too many to explore them all. Fortunately, Carolyn Avro has been coming up with a list, her "Second Life's Top Haunted Places Tour and Hunt." People went to her to advertise their haunts, and to take part in a hunt in which there would be a freebie to find. We can't promise every single place delivers on it's boast to be scary, but you're bound to find some thrills among them.

You can find part one of Carolyn's list (here).

Tigerlily Hyun
"Spooky Interactive Haunted House"
The ghosts are always watching you in this fun, interactive haunted house. Try clicking on or sitting on various objects in the house for fun times! Many other items are triggered just by your presence.? Don't forget to check out the basement and see if you can find the hidden laboratory! ?Search the house for hidden Halloween freebies too!


Nvr2old Barrowstone & Betara Brandenburg
"Gathering Mysts and Echoing Mysts Haunts"
Gathering Mysts and Echoing Mysts Are offering a Journey through 2 sims of sights, sounds and scares!  The guided Tour begins when you land.  Follow the arrows and they will lead you through each attraction. Both sims are chock full of ghoulies and ghosts.  THE HORROR  AMUSEMENT PARK has Five hair-raising rides (bring a paper bag),  There is a Transporter to this area

Gathering Mysts, Gathering Mysts (189, 77, 21)

Rhyannon Paragorn
"The Farmer and the Dead"
Willow Acres Farm is a nightmare inducing farmhouse, barn and terrifying basement. Please read the backstory given at the landing for the full history of the terror that occurred there. Not for the faint of heart or easily offended. Also, check out our family themed areas (for those who do not like gore) Including our cornmaze hunt. Can you find all of the tricks and treats? Many high quality prizes hidden throughout the entire event (even a lucky body bag in the basement) 2 prizes hidden for the Top Haunted tour- one in adult section one in family section.

 PAL Park Presents: The Farmer and the Dead (Oct 1st-Oct 31st), Zoobyland (215, 74, 3517) 

Blue Whitefalcon
"Rustic Retreat"
Yes its that time of year for Spookiness  our sim is decorated for autumn , halloween , a touch of apocalyptic zombiness and hidden assylum  so come and pay us a visit and explore

Rustic Retreat, DYNASTY CITY (63, 9, 24) - Adult

Hallow Gothly
"Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel"
Miss Penny Peacock has recently inherited the Silent Peacock Hotel. But little did her grandfathers will say anything about it being haunted.

Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel ( closed under construction ), Lost Shores (171, 178, 21)

Dynasty Clip/Vamparalla
"Dynasty's Kingdom HAUNTED HELL!!"
This is a park  of haunts and this year is no exception. This year we are featuring 3 major haunts: The attic in the whacky shack,Dynasty's zombie apocalypse., and then we have a bonus 
attraction, what is it?! T hat is a surprise!  We have the gold mine hunt. and we have some great prizes, there is a hell in sl unlike you have ever seen. ALL mentioned attractions open October 1st. till November 6th

Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel ( closed under construction ), Lost Shores (171, 178, 21)

Witchone Witherspoon
"Hipville Halloween 10th Year"
It's that time of the year again!!  The old Witch is out.... looking for her next victim! Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble! Fun things to do, bring your camera and wear your costume and have some fun.

Hipville Halloween 10th year, Tenney (171, 152, 100)

Torgon Woodget

"The Halloween Maze"
A threedimensional portal maze.... Hard to describe

Torgon's Store, West Egg (31, 59, 2901)

Whisper Slade (Imakund Resident)
"Our Full Sim; Screaming Woods"
We have a Full Sim full of fun, We have a haunted Bar, Asylum, Barn and a School. Our sim is based on Zombie Children. Most of our objects can be sat on to take pictures and  just make sure your AO is OFF, and your Sounds is ON and UP!

Lycan Island (23/107/3507)

"Haunted Home of Frankenstein (an interactive sim design)"
Dr. Von Frankenstein created his dream and his dream destroyed him. This isn't your average Haunted house, many of them still wander here; looking for peace or victims! We encourage you to sit on things and touch everything. We love you to dress up and have fun!

Home of Frankenstien, Wish Master (46, 54, 22) - Adult

Jim Draven (jim collinson)
"Nightmare Isle"
A haunted isle filled with halloween/haunt fun. Make your way thru the Isle and find your teleport to Nightmare Asylum and the teleport out.  Hang out up at our parks and shops above and take the kids trick or treating. Charity events held to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness

Haunted SIm, Moon of Desire (65, 254, 27) - Adult

Maylessa Fehr
"The Forgotten"
THE FORGOTTEN....Haunted Full SIM Event...First ever interactive haunt on SL...First opened doors 2011..Not for faint of heart. Please note if you have a seizure disorder there are flashing lights and moving colors. Please respect the staff working...Gates of Hell Open Oct 1st @ 6:30slt. Runs Oct 1st to Nov 1st.

Eternally Immortal (126, 132, 3500)

Smilemaker Mathy
"Breakers Haunted Castle"
The date? ...October 31st 1016.. No, it is now called the Citadel Of  Death... an order of Knights Templar defended that castle and protected these lands for over 100 years....... Black plague infected them.... To save us they sealed their doors. .. All died horribly.... one by one... at the end, none to bury the dead... Yes, Evil greedy men went to loot the treasures of the church.. I do not know.... No soul has ever returned... I do not want your coins.

Wedding Chapel  Church  Wedding Church, Breakers II (132, 165, 50)

Martine Serpente & Stevie Basevi 
"Welcome to HELLOWEEN!"
This is an adult RP sim, and our display is for adults.  Bring friends!  It is a three level display with swamp, graveyard, haunted buildings, and an entryway to hell.  Take the entry and there are catacombs, and a hell maze!  It is one giant display with things to play with and goodies!
Port in. Walk North through the mall area.  Then turn East at the wall. It is right there. Click the TP and choose Halloween!

Zantosa, Dark RP Sim CCS 8 Tick, Zantosa (58, 110, 1899)

Ava Cartier 
"Corpsewood Haunted House"

Lurk the haunted sim's seven buildings, including an asylum, chapel, and cemetery. Find what evil resides within and even win prizes. Scares for everyone! 

Corpsewood Haunted Mansion, Miasma (115, 140, 27) - Adult

Spartacus Audion
"Final Refuge Halloween Haunt"
Touch your way from the attic to the dungeon and other crazy scary spaces to find outrageous surprises and dozens of freebies.  Our adult haunt has 8 levels and 24 rooms.  Some are hidden, so explore and touch.  Bring your friends along for moral support as you scream your way through this SL Top Haunt enjoying anything you find here.  Adult role play is very welcome, and Final Refuge includes numerous RLV traps and transformation devices for an immersive experience. NO CHILD AVATARS!  Otherwise, enjoy your stay. and enjoy your play!

Final Refuge Halloween Haunt, Days Away (84, 60, 3522) - Adu

alexandrasadie (Alex Luciano)
"Deadman's Island Haunted Sim"
Haunted lake house, Cemetery, Haunted Church, dead bodies everywhere! Blood and gore everywhere! The woods are full of spooky and scary scenes. Everything in the house and in the lighthouse are interactive, so it makes for a great place to take photos!

Deadman's Island, Hogwarts (49, 149, 24) - Moderate

Alisa Farshore
"Spooky Hollow Village"

A Village setting with many places to explore.  Enter down the wooded path to City Hall. Many Interactive items throughout the Village. Make sure you read the signs as you walk around.  Hope to see you here!

Windley Keys (123/160/22)

"Hayride to Hades"

Scary swamp themed shop, also a hay-wagon ride that starts out a little spooky - but ends up getting creepier and scarier the farther  it takes you. Several free Halloween gifts available in shop as well.

Forest of Zyn, Aigle (37, 31, 1825) - Moderate

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