Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Town (2015)

By Gemma Cleanslate

When I went over to Halloween Town I did the entire tour I did last year enjoying the scary ride through the Haunted House.When I went to write about it I took a look at last year’s story and it occurred to me I could not really do a better job in a new article so I will refer you to read it again and then go have a fright!

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The sim Townies is definitely unique with  the journey through the quaint town and then the Haunted House. I really loved it. Outside the house there are  shops filled with decor you might like for your Halloween settings and clothing too. Near the entrance there is a pumpkin contest going on too. Grab the directions and you can have fun painting and decorating if you follow the rules.  

Just walking around is good but you can hop a free Halloween Pumpkin Hopper if you like. Better still, to get a good look at the town take a ride on a Devil Hand Town Tour. Just look up and hop on.  After I detached myself from the fingers I approached the Haunted House and entered. Inside I picked up a free frame for pictures that I would take inside and read a sign that told me to watch for 10 gifts that were hidden there.

I discovered quickly that each venue is based on a well known horror film. I am sure you will know.. Carrie... The Shining...The Exorcist ... Jaws and more. I joined some visitors in "Jump in the Line" to dance to the music from Beetlejuice. Long dark corridor with signs lead you from one to another with adventures along the way. Be prepared is all I can say but remember to look for the hidden gifts as you go. 

More adventures await you just follow the guides. I went through the Haunted House twice to be sure I did not miss anything. It was fun dancing in Ghostbusters as my final venue in the house. All this entertainment is due to the work of Laura Liberty with some help from  Tanyja Resident (Tina) and also miki00 Abeyante Laura told me. Have a scary time! 

Townies (116/104/98)

Gemma Cleanslate

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