Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Reader Submitted: The Little Cinema At Road 12

By Ciska Riverstone

Those of you, who took Road 12 on mainland recently might have had a glance at that small simple wooden build surrounded by a lot of open space with the magic Cinema Sign up, glowing just a little.  It does not try to be glamorous and plain out loud by appearance. Instead it comes across as a practical and functional build, which friends of you could have put together on some weekends work at some open space, to have a place to come together and follow their passion or just hang out.

And this is exactly what the little roadside cinema does. Every Friday at 1 PM it becomes a cozy home for silent movies lovers.  Walk in, grab some popcorn, lean back in one of the classic cinema seats, enjoy the curtains opening to show the screen and wait for Abinoams magical words: "Did everyone start their Media? - yes? Okay, I sync the film."  - Yes that's Second Life for you!

I out myself as someone, who always liked silent movies ever since I was a kid. I adore the imagination, which had to go into expressing and composing the pictures, which made up most of the storytelling in those days and allowed by style to cut the words down to a small amount. For me silent movies act as an reminder, that you can tell stories without words in any world at any time, no matter how simple the means are.

Silent movies are driven by the stories they want to tell in an unique way. Their heroes are much less black and white, then their nowadays' blockbuster colored pendants, which makes them, despite their overacted emotions at times, more real and more serving to the whole story they are there to tell. They aim more towards inspiring your own imagination then to just digest the ready-made fast-food picture the blockbusters serve us today.

Coming together in this virtual space to experience those movies has a practical aspect too: most of us can read a little English at least, and for a silent movie not much else is needed. That makes it a great experience for folks from different part of the world and is a practical way to live the fact that art does exist without cultural boundaries.

For quite some time even before this cinema was built at the space it stands now. Abinoam, the owner of the Little Cinema, proved his talent in picking a wide range of silent movies from all over the world and all kinds of genres: From the well knows classic Comedies like Harold Lloyds Savety Last,  over The Abyss by Urban Gad, a whole collection of German silent movies to last weeks fun suspense movie "The Cat and the Canary" by Paul Leni, everyone watching had a chance to discover new old gems as well as enjoying already known ones. The coming weekends with be deducated to the dark sided movies fitting the Halloween season.

Be sure to join next Friday 1 pm slt @

Ciska Riverstone


  1. Thank you so much Ciska for the wonderful blog post!

  2. Great writeup, Ciska. It's a unique location, for sure, and this captures the spirit of the place and your enthusiasm very well :-)