Friday, October 14, 2016

Mieville Haunted Nawlins

By Gemma Cleanslate

For my second Halloween experience I went over to  Mieville Haunted Nawlins. I put on the hud I picked up at the entrance and raised my umbrella since it was pouring rain when I got there, lots of thunder too.  It is like a Haunted Mardi Gras so there is a slow parade of floats appearing that you can hop on any time as you see one. 
The main street is lined with sweet little shops where you can purchase Halloween décor or outfits and other items as you pass. An outdoor market is offering goodies mostly for Halloween. Laughing Jack, a great pumpkin said to me,The ghost got lost in the fog… and he was mist…. “ .He looked like a great addition to a busy sim.   Some of your favorite designers have shops in this town area. I love the style of the shops and other buildings, some reminiscent of New Orleans so the build is a haunted Mardi Gras in “Nawlins.”
As you walk along you will notice little doors with either a red light or a green light. Click the green light doors and get either a trick or treat. As you collect treats they can be exchanged for prizes back at the entrance building. Visit again to check for more treats after some time has passed.
Down the hill from the main shops at the village is a wonderful carnival with fun rides and another market. I found a free shop with Aley’s goulish creations and picked up a few skeletons for home. The grave yard next door features wonderful ghosts, witches, grave stones and more if you are looking for sim decorations. There is a massive haunted house in the bayou, so I took a walk through, up and down the stairs facing frightening views along the way and survived until I fell through the floor of the upstairs porch. There is a little door in there too so don’t miss it. Lots of stairs and doors to explore will lure you onward and up but be careful! 
After my visit to the carnival I went back up to the town to check the little doors again for more green lights. I stopped off at the cute outdoor restaurant next to the market and picked up a begnet and tea then began my tour of doors again. I am trying to get enough for a really nice prize so will be going back again. The whole sim is filled with little surprises and fun for the Halloween season and will be open through the 31st. Enjoy!  

Gemma Cleanslate

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